Free Advice

You clicked the “free advice” button! So I guess you want some free advice. Here goes.

Before you die, go to Glacier National Park. I’ve been to most of the top-tier national parks in the United States, and I think Glacier is the best.

Cook your meat sous vide. Be very generous with the salt and pepper.

Meet with the missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Church can give you purpose, meaning, grounding, a stronger family, opportunities to serve, and the power of Christ in your life. At least chat with the missionaries once in your life for the novelty of the thing – they’re generally cool, it’s easy to talk to them online, and then you can just ignore them if that exhausts your interest.

Read The Lord of the Rings, Brandon Sanderson (my favorite living author; start with Mistborn), and Stoic philosophy (try the Enchiridion – it’s quite short). Read more old books and “Great Books,” like the Harvard Classics. Don’t under-rate fiction.

Read to your kids. Then teach them to read early, using this book.

Calm down.

After you’ve finished all that, stop taking advice from strangers on the internet.